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Toronto the Worlds Most Multicultural City

posted by: Best Western Plus Travel Hotel Toronto Airport on: February 05, 2023 02:48:13 PM

Welcome to the Best Western Travel Toronto Hotel blog.  The hotel is situated close to the Pearson International Airport in Mississauga, Ontario and is a convenient 20 minute drive to downtown Toronto.  

Toronto is known as the most multicultural city in the world as its citizens are representative of over 200 distinct ethnic origins. It is this diversification which gives Toronto visitors a unique opportunity to experience different cultures in one city.

Caribana is North America's largest street festival which celebrates Caribbean culture, traditions and food.  It will be held this year from Thursday Aug. 3rd to Monday August 7.  The festival starts off with a large single day parade with over 2 million attending during the festival.  Toronto gets warm during the summer so do bring lots of water to drink.

The 2nd largest Chinatown in North America is right in Toronto:  Downtown Chinatown or West Chinatown is located in the city's downtown area between Dundas Street and Spadina Ave.  Take a stroll along Spadina to enjoy the shops, beautiful historical monuments and of course, restaurants. If you like dumplings, try Juicy Dumpling at 280 Spadina Ave.  They are well known for their juicy, Shanghai style dumplings. Try their 6 piece style Steamed Mini Soup Dumpling--all for $3.99!  Very affordable.  There is limited dining so you might want to do a take-out.  For traditional Cantonese cuisine, drop in to Swatow Restaurant at 309 Spadina....it has been there for over 40 years serving traditional Cantonese dishes.  Another favorite on Spadina is the Pho Hung Restaurant at 350 Spadina. They have rare beef and beef ball pho.  If you like avocado and want to try something new, ask for their avocado shakes! Who would have thought?  Some find it really delicious or not!

It is important to note that many of these small eateries only do cash or debit and NOT credit cards.

Another incredible heritage place to visit is the St Lawrence Market in downtown Toronto at the corner of Front St. and Jarvis.   Since 1803, it has been the community's beating heart and culinary focal point of the city, as well as selling flowers and speciality items....an old time charm in our modern day.

A great outdoor space for people of all ages is High Park.  This park is a mixed recreational/natural park with sporting, educational, and cultural facilities.  There are gardens, playgrounds, and a zoo as well as a dog park.  One third of the land is in a natural state with a rare oak savannah ecology. There is reliable public transportation as well as easy parking.  Lastly, the park covers approximately 400 acres and the address is 1874 Bloor St. West.

If you have time, try to visit Toronto Islands:  they are the largest urban car-free community in North America!  It is a thriving community that does not use cars to get around, but, rather, by foot, bicycle, kayak or canal.   Makes a great afternoon outing.

Everyone should go to the iconic CN Tower which is the largest free-standing structure in the Western Hemisphere.  From a distance, it appears that the Tower emerges out of the lakefront to grace the skyline.

The close proximity of the Best Western Travel Toronto Hotel to the Pearson International Airport and downtown Toronto makes it a great choice for short or longer stays.  The hotel does have a complimentary airport shuttle to and from the airport----on call pick-ups from the airport are available for check-in guests from 5 a.m. to 12.00 midnight. Contact the hotel at 416-620-6805/+1 866-459-1234 or use the airport courtesy phones at Terminal 1 and 3 once you have your luggage.